Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Meet my dog, Loki. A 1 year old (almost 18 months), long hair, German Shepherd.

I have had several dogs through the years. Each one has their own personality. One was independent and had to be trained more strictly, one was much more interested in watching and making sure all was well in "her" pack. Training is different with each one in order to integrate them into our family.

Loki has been, by far, the easiest to live with. He wants to be with us and is more loyal than any of our other dogs. I would say, too, that he lacks more upstairs than our other dogs. But he wants to please - he's got that going for him.

The other day I was walking with him and watching all the exploring and adventuring (not unlike walking with my son).

As we walked he ran this way and that way. First chasing a squirrel, then chasing a bird. There were great scents to follow and wonderful things to explore.

Watching him explore his world was entertaining and carefree.

Always while he was exploring he would watch and listen to where I was and we moved in the same relative direction, him always circling and exploring around me.

If for some reason he didn't see me move on I would call to him and, out from under a bush or behind a rock, Loki would come running.

As I walked God said, "Keep walking with me and we will go in the right direction. Walk through life, have fun, explore and adventure. But always listen for me. I will call to you when you wander too far and I will set the direction. Always keep listening for Me."

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