Monday, January 26, 2009


We are just starting to come out of the newborn haze. I think. At least we have some good days between the sleeplessness. Though last night Mera thought that it was a good idea to eat every two hours (1/2 hour to feed + 1/2 hour to hold her upright = 1 hour of sleep for me). But mostly she goes three to three and a half hours at night. It's not so bad.

The reflux is slowly getting better. She was on Axid, but is now on Prevacid and we are hoping that it will help more. But we won't know for a little bit longer because she is also on medication for thrush. Seriously, it never ends. I feel like I should put money directly into our pediatrician's retirement account. Especially since our insurance hasn't stepped up and started covering her yet. Loving self pay, let me tell you.

In all honesty, there isn't much to complain about really. People have poured out their generosity in amazing ways. I've only had to cook a few times in the last month - so many people have brought us meals! Baby gifts appear every day or two! The community we are a part of has wrapped its arms around us and supported us as we celebrate this addition to our family. All I can say is a truly heartfelt "Thank You!"

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burgmom said...

Hope you get some rest soon. Those first few weeks are rough,but so worth it.