Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm official!

Today I did my first official photo shoot for someone other than family. Whoo Hoo! I'm still only semi satisfied with the results, but I'm learning.

My biggest frustration is that I'm usually slightly off with my framing, so I'm cropping some at home. Since my camera is a few years old I don't want to crop any more than I have to (so I keep the resolution as high as possible).

I won't keep you in suspense. Here are a few of the shots I liked the best from today...

These kids were seriously fun to work with. I might get lulled into thinking that I want to continue to work with kids!

You can tell with this group that they really love each other. It's so nice to see siblings that get along well. Since I know their mom, I know that they don't ALWAYS get along. But you can just tell with some siblings that they are really bonded.

The original hope was that a few shots would turn out that were worthy of Christmas cards.

This is probably my favorite of the day...

I also really like this one. Somehow you can see these kids as young adults. It's like getting a glimpse into the future.

The daughter was not very shy with the camera, so I took a few of just her...

Then I took a few for the artist side of me...

What do you think?



Roo's Mama said...

What great photos!! My favorite is of the 3 peeking through the fence rails...
Love the faded tones and b/w pics.


carterclan said...

Well I certainly dont have any advice for you LOL but I wanted to say I love looking at the pics you take, I always look at your blog to see the new pics you post!!
I just got a macro lens for my Cannon I hope to learn something from you!!

Mom said...

Wow, I love these shots and I can see the connection among the kids.
Not all brothers and sisters are happy all at the same time.