Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is a TRP day - totally random photos...

I got a new camera lens for my birthday, so Brian and I headed out to the park to try it out...

A few weeks ago Brian's school went on a field trip to a pumpkin patch/farm, I tagged along to take random photos provide parental support...

That is a pumpkin he is leaning against!

Another random photo from the field trip...

Brian wasn't too sure about the pumpkin guts. He's not the "stick your hands in goo just for the fun of it" kind of kid.

We are getting some beautiful fall color. Here is our tree from the front yard as it started to turn.

And, go vote!

Even I will vote (and I hate to vote).

Then head to Starbucks with your "I voted" sticker for a free tall coffee. Sorry, no latte, just a drip coffee. But, you can head over to Krispy Kreme (I've heard that Dunkin Donuts is doing the same thing, but I couldn't verify it) and get a free donut to go with your free coffee.

See, it pays to vote.

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