Monday, July 14, 2008

The Blue Rhino

When Brian was a baby he was given a stuffed blue rhino. Very cute.
Notice the cute yarn tail...

Then Brian attached to it and it became his "Blue Rhino". Oh how he loved that rhino. But mostly he loved the tail. He would rub it on his nose when he was falling asleep. It must have been something about the yarn that was soothing.

Well, he has now had that rhino (and a duplicate, because if your child attaches to something, for the love of Pete, get a duplicate!!! and rotate them so that they wear evenly. We have had a time or two when the rhino was left or lost and we were so grateful for the duplicate) for almost 5 years. Here is what those rhinos look like now...

The faces though a bit faded still pretty much look the same (thanks to regular baths in the washing machine), but the tails have been loved to pieces.

But the cutest part of the whole thing is that when I am sick or down, Brian will bring his rhino over and rub my nose with the tail (which makes me love my washing machine that much more). Because, a blue rhino makes everything better.

The reason I visited this topic (aside from the cuteness) is that the other day I was reading this book You Are My I Love You (if you don't have it, get it - And read it to your child. It's wonderful). In the book the little bear has a stuffed elephant that he carries around. Brian noticed this and asked about it. So I said, "that's his elephant. Like your Blue Rhino". Brian immediately understood the logic and said, while he rubbed the end of his nose. "oh, does he do this?"

"Yes, sweetie, he does."


allier said...

Precious story Kristen. Ian has a dog he has had many of since he was a baby.

allier said...

Brings back memories of when Brian sweet!