Friday, July 4, 2008

YES! vs. yes.

Yesterday I sent everyone to read this blog.

I did that because I loved, not only the quality of writing (which is so often missing in blogs), but also the simplicity of a great idea. How many hearts would stay unbroken if we taught our children that "no" means "no" but everything short of "YES!" means "no" too.

As a former abstinence educator I'm not a big fan of encouraging sexual activity among teens. Though I do believe that, in educating about relationships there is a need to address the difference between both parties being totally gung-ho vs. just allowing the activity (either through trying to please/keep a boyfriend or just to "get it over with").

I've wondered how many date rape situations happen just because two people aren't communicating on the same level. Even in marriage communication about sex isn't always (and in some marriages it's never) good.

What really hit me about this post was not the impact this idea would have on high school and college campuses, but the impact on marriages. How many wives would feel safer and more cherished if their husbands would wait for a "YES!" instead of "well, um, I guess we could do something"? And wives need to believe that only an enthusiastic "YES!" makes for a good sexual relationship. I think it could benefit both husbands and wives to strive for a sexual relationship where both people say, "YES!"

I promise to now go back to "mommy blogging"...

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