Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Tree

I love Christmas tree ornaments. There is something very intimate about how you decorate your tree. It is like a personal history of a family.

This one is probably the oldest one on our tree. It was my husband's when he was a small boy.

Here is the one we were given as a gift the first year of our marriage. It was one of only a few ornaments on a very small tree that year.

This one marked our first Christmas in Wilmore, Kentucky. Some of the best and hardest years of our marriage.

The best part of our tree is the ornaments that come with being parents. Those handmade ones bring back the best memories.

This one Brian made last year with lots of help from his Sunday School teacher.

Of all the ornaments on the tree, this one is the most pride producing. Brian did this all by himself the other day. He was so proud he was able to accomplish this. He wanted to quit half way through, but he persevered. It's not that it was hard to do, but it was tedious for a 5 year old. His personality falls much more toward the sanguine and he has a hard time pushing through and getting something done. I love watching the growth and maturity. So this is my favorite ornament.

There are a few ornaments that I love just because they are beautiful.

What is on your tree?

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Charley and Jackie said...

Kristin! You are expecting again! I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see pics of your baby girl! You sound like it's a pretty sure thing! Praise the Lord! Merry Christmas. xo, Jackie