Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Great Outdoors

The other day we went for a walk. First let me say that Clay and I were thinking walk in a fairly broad sense, but still planning on actually walking. With a 2 year old walking takes on a whole new meaning. It does not necessarily mean moving forward on a set path. It went something like this: "Oh, a trail let’s follow that." By the way, this was the only unanimous decision of the day. Then, on our relaxing stroll Brian found a stick. Even though this did not surprise us we were still thinking that we would continue down the path, but instead all forward motion ceased. The stick became a sword to hack and slash at anything that looked like it might be an enemy (you know, like a random weed that had the audacity to grow too tall). Then the stick became a drum stick. Bushes, logs, and rocks became musical instruments.

After much encouragement we were able to make some progress until we came to The Lake. Really it was a small pond, but to a toddler it held abundant opportunities to get muddy and wet. And ducks, lots of ducks. For some reason in a 2 year old brain it is fun to throw rocks into the water just to watch the ducks go after it thinking they are getting fed. I admit it is a bit mean, but since my job is to avoid the dreaded temper tantrum at all cost…sorry ducks.

We did make it past the pond and on to even better water opportunities - the overflow creek. With all the rain we have had here lately there were little streams of water running everywhere. So, once again the stick came into play. Now it was a tool to “paint” with, or just to poke into the water. Rocks were also a major part of this adventure. Along with being “food” for the ducks they were fun to throw into the water or hold just because they fit into a small hand. The more I watch Brian explore and learn the more fascinating the world is to me as well.

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