Saturday, June 7, 2008

Linky Love

I don't often link to other blogs, but I though I'd give you some weekend reading. Here is some Linky Love (not to be confused with kinky love). Someday I might actually have a blog roll, but until then...

What I read daily (or at least, most everyday):
-Our best friends out in VA, who have both my goddaughter and my horse.
-Another mom in the Pacific Northwest. It's so refreshing.
-Of course, Ree...
-And Heather...

Where I mostly lurk, but sometimes actually comment:
-The funniest blog ever:
-A dear friend of mine, fellow adoptive mom, and all around great gal started a photography business with her sister. Here's their blog:

Enjoy your weekend. I will. My husband is back in town after being gone ALL. WEEK. LONG. I missed him, can you tell?


Angella said...

Thanks for the link love! I hear you on the blog roll - mine is horribly outdated.

Have a super weekend!


Mocha said...

I'm with Angella - my blogroll is all kinds of past due. But thanks for outing yourself on lurking on my site. I'm always fascinated to know!

Chris & Meghann said...

you are permantently linked on mine! your horse is doing great--actually enjoying the rain after the insane heat wave.

Dayna said...

Hey, thanks for linking to me - now I've found you! I love your blog, I just read the past month!

:) Nice to meet you!


Charley and Jackie said...

Hi! Your boy is SO cute!!! How blessed you are :) I'm excited for you that you guys are adopting again. I'll have to 'stalk' your blog now and catch up! It's a great way to 'see' lives, huh!?
Talk to you soon!