Monday, June 9, 2008

Mom and Me at My Montissori

A few weeks ago Brian's preschool had a couple of days that they set aside time for moms to come in and spend some time in the classroom. I really enjoyed my time seeing and interacting with my son in a whole new environment. Who knew he could follow directions so well?!

First he went for the block steps. These get set up in order depending on size and then there is a marble that rolls down the steps. It's one of Brian's favorite activities at school.

Then he told me about planets.

Of course there was playdoh...

This is super cool. It's colored sand that the kids write their letters in. Of course, Brian just wanted to use it as a sand box. But with a little coaching he did write some letters.

One of the things I like about the Montessori method is having several different age groups all in one room. So the older kids help the younger kids. It's a little bit of the "see it, do it, teach it" concept. It's nice to have the help from the older kids, but it's also a confidence boost for those doing the teaching. Maybe next year I will get to see Brian "teaching".

I hope so.

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allier said...

Brian is so grown up now! He looks like such a good boy :)