Monday, June 30, 2008


We are melting here in the Pacific Northwest. With a high Sunday of 95! :-o And NO, hear me - NO AC.

Well, we do have an itty bitty teeny window unit. Let me tell you, it's not keeping up. Not anywhere near close to keeping up.

I want to thank everyone for their outpouring of support and encouragement this weekend. I got so many emails from people who read my post. Thank you!

Obviously we didn't get a call for a baby. That was disappointing and hard. But not devastating. I still believe that God has a plan and is still "cooking" our baby. She will come when the time is right.

I know, that sounds so mature and together. I keep telling myself that if I say it over and over again I will be mature and together. And sometimes I really feel it too!

Anyway, thanks y'all. You have been a great encouragement and support. I can't wait to be able to share good news too.

Back to the melting...

We decided to start checking out some of the beaches in the area. On advice from a friend Brian and I (My husband was busy helping said friend prep his house for painting - Brian and I had the better activity!) headed to Point Defiance and Owen Beach. A bit rocky, but fun to be out and playing in the water.

*sorry for the spots on my lens. It has been cleaned now that I have a whole group of photos with spots. Maybe someday I will take the time to edit them out, but not today.

The view was spectacular!

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Meghann said...

:: gloating ::
we have highs in the 80s today--but two central air units. haha!

(just kidding, you know--sorry you are melting, that sounds miserable)