Monday, August 25, 2008

Fun at Mud Mountain Dam Playground

Our weather is starting to turn more Fall-like. When today promised 80 degree weather we took full advantage of it.

I had been wanting to check out the pool at the Mud Mountain Playground, we just hadn't gotten around to it yet. Since my husband had a class to attend, today seemed like a perfect opportunity to head out.

Brian was super surprised to see the fountain and had a ton of fun. Though the water was COLD! Probably thanks to the 60 degree weather we had this last week.

It took a bit of encouragement to get Brian to go through the water, but once he did it was all I could do to drag him shivering and blue back to the car when it was time to go.

We did take a break and do some hiking. I figured Brian could use some warming up and the dog could use a good run.

I'm trying to get Brian on board with my photography habit. He used to just look at me with no posing at all. Now, this is what I get...

All in all, it was a great adventure.

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Becky :) said...

What a great day to be outside. Gotta take advantage of those warm temps while you have them. The fountain looks like so much fun.