Friday, August 1, 2008

No Cavity Club

Today is a shout out to my son. He went to the dentist this morning and did really, really well. No cavities. No crying. Plenty of space for all his teeth. And, all his permanent teeth are there (this was debatable since only 3 of the bottom middle baby teeth came in).

Whoo Hoo!

He actually had a ton of fun seeing the "pictures" of his teeth, and also having the sweet dental assistant brush his teeth and make them "sparkly". She was really great with him and walked him through the whole process before she did anything. The best was teaching him about the little water sucker thing - Mr. Thirsty (what is that really called?). She let Brian give Mr. Thirsty a drink from a cup of water, then she had him give Mr. Thirsty a kiss. It worked like a charm and Brian had no fear of the thing (I was always convinced it would suck my face off if I wasn't careful).

Hopefully my son will do better with dentists than I have. Recently I went over a decade without a dental visit. It's like when I see a spider. I don't want my son to have the same fears that I have, so I'm all, "look what a great spider. Let me take him in my bare hands and put him back outside where he can live a happy spider life." - all the while smiling like this is the most normal thing ever.

"Look at the great dentist. Let me allow him and his scary death inducing painful wonderful tools to clean my teeth. Oh, the fun we have."

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