Friday, August 15, 2008


I've got it.

In the past I've admitted to my "vice" rather smugly. When I do a project, it comes out perfectly right down to the last detail. If it isn't perfect then I am not satisfied with it. I admit, I've always pitied those who are not perfectionists. Those that can do something not quite perfect and still be satisfied.

UnFortunately, God likes to teach me new ways in which I am not perfect. Perfectionism. That's what he has been working on lately. Oops.

I've always taken pride in my projects. And, I've always thought that was a good thing. And it is. I think. My problem is the guilt that comes when I'm not perfect.

I've also blamed the guilt on other people. When I fail to get dinner on the table (oh, say, because my son climbed into the refrigerator to get a gallon of apple juice, which ended up on the floor) I feel like my husband is disappointed in me. He isn't, but I put my baggage feelings on him. I was then able to blame him instead of me.

I didn't realize that I was doing this. I know. How could I not realize it? Well I didn't. Until now.

Thanks, God.

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