Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hello World!

I'm Kristin, I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My time is divided. Sometimes it is just divided, with everything demanding more than it's fair share of the pie. But in reality I strive for a good balance between all things that make up my life. First priority is my family, consisting of my husband and son. Though we are on the journey of trying to adopt again. So hopefully soon we will add a little girl to the mix. Some of my time is spent at the barn with my horse, a Thoroughbred mix that I'm sure will trot across more than a few posts in the future. Sometimes I'm at the barn teaching and sometimes I'm just there to ride. My favorite days are the days that I have nothing to do but enjoy bond I have with my horse. I'm also trying to expand my photography skills. It's just a hobby, but I've really started to enjoy learning about what makes a good photo - by studying other people's pictures.

I am starting back into the world of blogging. My first blog failed, miserably. Now I feel that I understand the whole process a bit better and am excited to try again. Or it's like a great pain that with time the memory eases and it doesn't seem so bad now. I can't decide which. Of course, time will tell, and readers (or lack of).

It is only fair to give credit where credit is due. Without some of the other bloggers out there I never would have had the courage to start this blog. During my blog "research" over the last several months I've come across many different blogs, some amazing, some forgettable. There are several blogs that I have been lurking reading that have encouraged me to try my hand at blogging. I have loved both The Pioneer Woman and OMSH. But my current fav is the beauty that is flawed buy authentic.

Welcome to my world, I hope I don't bore you.

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