Saturday, April 26, 2008

Popcorn Confessions

I've never been a popcorn eater. Until I got married. With my husband came the fine art of munching. Especially popcorn.

As we have tried to become more healthy in our eating habits our snacking has started to change. But microwave popcorn is still as unhealthy as ever.We have searched high and low for microwave popcorn that doesn't have some sort of fake butter or cheese or a combination of both. We did finally find one brand, but it's expensive. Let me just ask, why is it that the brand that has only popcorn with nothing on it is the most expensive? What's up with that?

So my search continued.

I know we could do the whole air popper thing, but that would be one more thing in my kitchen that I would have to find a place for. Plus, I know we wouldn't get it out and set up so it would languish in a cabinet somewhere.

Then I found it.

Let me start by saying I love Alton Brown. Not quite as much as Bobby Flay, but still I love, love Alton. If you don't know him you are missing out.

When I learned that Alton Brown said that I could pop regular old popcorn in my microwave I was on it right away. So here is what first foray into food blogging!

Take 1/4 cup popping corn

Pour into a regular brown paper lunch sack.

Fold the top down twice.

Alton says staple. I'm not so sure, so I tape.

Microwave. I started it at 2:22, but ended up taking it out when there was about 30 seconds left.


Since I don't have a beautiful popcorn bowl, I divided it up between two bowls. Plus it keeps my portion from getting swiped by my dear husband.

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