Friday, April 18, 2008

The Toast

Ages 13 & 18

Tonight is the "pre-wedding dinner". It would be a rehearsal dinner, if there was a rehearsal. Since it's going to be a small wedding there will be no rehearsal. But we are having the dinner anyway. It's a good reason for a party.

I know that there is a tradition of doing toasts at the rehearsal dinner. And I would love to do a toast, but I am a crier. Not a pretty, dainty crier. I am the blubbering, can't talk, nose produces more liquid than my eyes kind of crier. I did get water proof mascara specifically for this weekend, but I don't think that will be enough to help with the toast.

So, here it is. The toast I would give tonight if I could actually get through it.

To my brother.
You and I have been through so much together. What would I have done without you? You were always the one constant that I knew would be there. From beating up on me as a kid and tickling me until I cried to being there when I got married.

You were there to teach me how to drive, to shoot and to change a tire. You taught me what good food was. And you taught me how to show compassion.

My marriage is better because I had you to compare men to. Some measured up, others didn't, but you never judged. And in the end I got a great guy because he had the characteristics I valued in you.

You challenged me to read better books, to learn more and to broaden my views. I hear your voice in my head asking, "Have you read any good books lately?" We might choose different types of books, but it is because of you that I have a love of reading.

You gave me a view of a God that was more than I could ever imagine and showed me how to follow Him. I see the love of Christ through you in your generosity, your willingness to sacrifice and your ability to always put others above yourself.

As cliche as it sounds, I am a better person because of you.

I hope you have a wonderful marriage. That you are able to have some great times. And when the tough times come that you have a solid foundation and commitment to get you through. I hope you find more joy and richness in life because you are going through it together.


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