Monday, May 12, 2008

Holding The Bridge

Once upon a time, in a fair and beautiful land there was a young knight, Sir Brian. One day he went for a walk out in the wilderness with his trusty sword. He brought his sword because you just never know when you will cross paths with a dragon that is in need of slaying.

As he was walking, um, running, er, adventuring, and he came upon a bridge. A nice serene bridge. One that possibly could have a troll under it, but after checking the good knight found only a few slugs.

As he came closer he spied something. Could it be? Yes, it is the evil black knight? And he is trying to cross the bridge into the fair and beautiful land.

There must be none of that! He must be fought. He must be pushed back from the land of the good.

Sir Brian fought valiantly. He fought bravely. He fought courageously. And pushed the Black Knight back. There were times that it was a close fight, but Sir Brian was the better fighter and in the end the hours of training against his mother's tulips really payed off. He was able to push the Black Knight further and further from the fair and beautiful land.

Yes! The bridge is safe. The foe has been defeated. The land is safe once again.

And just for good measure, "take that, and stay out!"

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