Saturday, May 24, 2008


To me, the worst part of having sore muscles is the days following the initial soreness. When the pain goes deeper and starts to just ache. When everything you do uses those muscles and you are constantly reminded of the pain. Every time you turn, bend, lift or just think of moving.

That is what I feel like.

I'm noticing that the pain from yesterday is starting to just ache. My heart is the sore muscle. Every time I do anything I'm reminded of the baby that won't be ours. At least yesterday I had shock to cushion the pain.

The weather is beautiful, sunny and warm after a week of rain. I'm going to try to get out and enjoy the day and slowly work the soreness out of my heart.

We have had a wonderful community of people, both online and off, to support and comfort us. It has been a blessing. I'm slowly learning how to grieve within a community. To allow others to offer support and to allow myself to be supported. Really, it's not something that I wanted to have to learn. But sometimes life teaches us things that are good to know even if they are painful to learn. Thank you to everyone who has offered words of comfort, encouraged, supported, and hurt with us. You are wonderful.

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Angella said...

Oh, Kristin. I am so sorry.

I'm praying as I type this, and hope that your heart is healed.

And that God provides a bambino for you.