Friday, May 23, 2008


Well, we got another call today. You know "the call" we got a while ago? We got another call, but this time it was one that no prospective adoptive parent wants.

The birth mother has decided to keep the baby. Our birth mom is no longer ours. The baby that I was planning on is no longer coming.

Not only that, but I was in the process of painting the nursery when we got the call. I just want to say, "That sucks".

For almost 2 weeks we were going to be parents. Now, we are back to waiting. I have a feeling that the 27th of June is going to be a hard day for us. I have that due date written in on my calendar. In. red. ink.

But, we will grieve and we will move on. That is the nature of adoption.

If God's grace is sufficient for me in the good times, then it will be sufficient for me in the difficult times too. I still believe that He is in control and that there is a plan. And usually when I look back I see that everything is good. It just doesn't always feel good when I am in the midst of it. But that is what faith is for. Right?

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Ashley said...

Kristin, I saw your post on the forums and I'm so sorry. My husband & I were matched this week and I'm nervous about her changing her mind. I'm sure it's natural to be nervous. I hope your next match is fabulous and not too far from now!!! Hang in there honey. :)